Photo Adjustments

These are some digital photographs I took which I feel are relevent to issues that could be raised in Awareness magazine which our next project is based around. Below are both the original and manipulated photographs I have chose.

Original Photograph

I took this close up image of the grass in my back garden, I liked how it looked really bright and fresh. If you look closely you can see water droplets on it which is something really effective about the image. I decided to take this photo as I think something this natural and fresh we don’t really get to see anymore were now used to seeing all about droughts in the news and the deficiency of water in certain countries around the world.

For this image I wanted to give a positive vibe about it, I wanted to make it look brighter and almost healthy. Once I had loaded up the photograph into Photoshop I started off with experimenting with all the different features to see which I liked best. I manipulated this photo by going on to image and select colour, I selected white and increased all the colour white that appeared in the photo, this really did make the photo appear brighter and the water droplets were really emphasized more.

Manipulated Photograph

Above is my manipulated image, I think it does look fairly similar to the original but I didn’t want to edit it too much as I think this would have taken the natural feeling away from it. As well as selecting and increasing the colour white in the photo, I also increased the brightness just slightly, this also made it look like the sun was shining brighter on the photo. Overall I think this worked really well, you can see how the photo appears more positive than it already did.

Original Photograph

This is another photo I took very close up in order to make it look abstract. In this image I wanted to really emphasize on the deep dark purple colour of the leaf and look closely at the green coloured veins running all the way over the leaf. The colours of the photo straight away made me feel negative towards the image, therefore I wanted to manipulate the image in a negative way. I also noticed the holes on the leaf, and around the edges you can see how it had started to decay which was something else which made the photo appear negative.

Manipulated Photograph

Above is my manipulated image, to create this effect I increased the shadows and contrast. Increasing the shadows made the leaf appear much darker than the original as did increasing the contrast. You can see how it makes the veins on the leaf stand out much more which was what I was trying to create.


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