Image Manipulation

Here I have looked at some examples of Image Manipulation. Some of these images I did a google image search on and others I browsed through DeviantART and came across some good images.

Example 1

In this image you can see both the before and after examples, so you can really see how much work has been done to the final edited photo. In the original the little boy looks quite innocent and upset, from manipulating it you can see how he has been made to look very mysterious and creepy. The main focus are now his eyes I find this is what really draws you into the image.

From looking at the manipulated image we can see how it has definitely been sharpened, this makes the image appear more focused and improves the quality compared to the original image. It also looks as if it has been darkened maybe by playing around with the brightness and contrast. Shadows in the boys face have been enhanced putting more emphasis on him. We can also see obvious alterations to the boys eyes. I think maybe the white has been picked out and increased, it makes them look like more light is reflecting off his eyes creating this ice cold feel about him.

Example 2

This image has been edited to make it appear very stormy to show how the weather is very bad. We can see how the clouds are such a huge impact in this photo, they have been made to look very grey and misty which is what you really notice about the image. The birds flying around in the sky really add to the eeriness of the image they seem to be toned down slightly to make them appear very faint which also adds to the effect of this image.

From looking at the manipulated image we can tell how the mist and fog has definitely been added to the image I think maybe a stamp has been used to add the birds to the sky. the girl standing in the foreground of the image has been made to look very in focus compared to the out of focus background, I think she has been sharpened in order for her to stand out more than other elements in the image. I also think a coloured filter has been put over the original image to give it a slightly darker appearance. You can see where the sky meets the grass it looks like it has been played around with by maybe using a brush to blur the two together just slightly.

I really like this image, I found it really helpful to use as it is taken outdoors which could link to many of the ideas in Awareness magazine.



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