Layer Blends

Here I looked at blending two photographs together on Photoshop, this allowed us to experiment with the different elements but also try and create different effects to our original photos, which could be linked to an issue raised in Awareness magazine.

Here I layered two of my own images, one was of some dirty looking moss and the other, (a previous image I looked at) was of a dark purple coloured veiny looking leaf. To create this effect I copied one image and pasted it on top off the next photo. We could then start to increase or decrease the Opacity, this allowed us to show more of one photo then the other. For the image I chose I decreased the opacity so that both images were shown the same amount, as they were both fairly dark images this gave an overall negative feel to the overall image.

Another technique we looked at which would help us get the desired effect was choosing which layer looked best, I played around with some of them and finally chose Overlay, this made the image appear even more darker and creepier which was the effect I was looking for. From looking at the final image it looks as if the leaf is covering up whatever else is being shown in the photo, I think maybe this could represent what is going on in the environment and how things are being hidden, we are not aware of everything that is really going on around us.


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