Analysing Magazine covers

As I have done in my sketch book here I gathered some images online which I am going to analyse in the same way closely looking at Typography, the main image, target audience and composition.

Magazine one- Vogue

Target audience

As you can clearly see from this magazine cover Vogue is targeted at women for a love of fashion. I would say that it is aimed at women from a very young age of around 18 and onwards as girls nowadays seem very interested at a young age. Although as you can see from the main image it does look very sophisticated which is also the type of woman that would read it, they want to know all about what is happening in the world of fashion and would be very fashion conscious. I t also tells us a way of life and perhaps a different way of living.

Main image

The model used on the front of this cover is very sophisticated looking. She is standing very tall and up right which suggests that she is happy with her self and showing off a sense of confidence. What she is wearing really does reflects the genre of magazine being all about new fashion. She is very done up and you can clearly tell that she is interested in fashion. The colour off her hair and outfit she is wearing also reflect the Autumn style of this particular issue. You can see how her head is covering the G of Vogue this gives off  really good effect as it is such a well known magazine it doesn’t even need to be there.


I really like the typography used for this cover, the red and white colours used don’t look too much but they do stand out against the image which really works. You can see how Glorious has bee used in a different font compared to all the other typo on the magazine. I think it looks very girly and twirly which works really well and again reflects the target audience of the magazine.


Im really impressed with the overall layout of this magazine front cover, there is a split focus between the main image and typography which is what you want from a magazine. I really like how the models hair is covering most of the cover and the headlines of the stories are just placed over the top.

Magazine two- Q

Target audience

Q magazine is an alternative music magazine. I would say that the target audience for this magazine is mainly aimed at the older generation around there 30’s/40’s who are looking for a variety of different music.

Main Image

As the magazine is based around music they have used an image of Lady Gaga, who is very famous world wide at the moment. This is a good reason to use a photograph of her as the main image. It would make people want to pick up the magazine to read more about her. You can see underneath this image it says “Lady Gaga has risen” so they would be right to use such a revealing photograph of her as this does make it more noticeable therefore getting her even more recognised.


I really like on this magazine cover how the typo has been done in different fonts, styles and colours. We can see how bits are bolder and different sizes which gives it a bit of variation just like the context of the magazine.


The composition of this magazine cover works really well, I think everything has been positioned in the right places. I like how the main image has been placed behind and in front of the typo which makes it look slightly different compared to other magazine covers. I also really like how boxes have been made around some bits of the text which breaks it up slightly.

Target audience

The target audience of this magazine judging by the front cover of this would be women with an interest in decorating there country home. I would say from the age of about 30 and onwards when they are perhaps settled in with a family.

Main image

The main image used for this magazine takes up most of the cover. As the magazine is based around modern country lifestyle decorating the image really does reflect this. I think it works really well as you would want to see an example of how they have decorated to see if you like the style. The colour used for this cover is all very girly with pinks, reds and a lot of pattern, which also reflects the target audience.


The typo used on this cover is very simple compared to the others I have looked at. It seems to just be down one side of the cover putting more focus on the main image. I like the way it has all been crammed together so you don’t have a break between words you just read down, so you take it all in at once. Joyful has been made to look larger which emphasises on the positivity. Again the colours are all very feminine.


As mentioned above the layout of this magazine is very simple compared with the others I have analysed. I really like how this has been done. This is the type of magazine where people would rather look at the photographs to see what the entire magazine has to offer and give them inspiration when decorating there house.


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