Awareness Cover

This is a quick mock up design for my magazine cover, I was really experimenting with the layout and where I wanted things to go, obviously I haven’t really looked at backgrounds or the articles I want to feature in my magazine  yet. Any comments would be appreciated.

I think the feedback given to me form my fellow students has proved very helpful, I will consider what they have said when I carry on developing my design.



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2 responses to “Awareness Cover

  1. I like the font you have used for the mast head. It suits what the magazine is about. Maybe you should bring the ‘effects of the oil spill’ title bigger and bolder so people can see what the magazine is about when they look at it and add more colour. I like the idea of the picture of a drink with oil in it 🙂 Try adding some more headings about what else the magazine is about. Overall i think its a good cover 🙂

  2. I especially like the effects on the picture you have here. Its great because it bring the oil spill right to you if you have not already been effected by it, showing that it effects everyone. The coverline could have a border and background just to make it stand out more. I like the typography used in the title as it is very striking and bold.

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