Reflecting on comments made

    I feel that the comments left under my inital design for my magazine are very useful. I am now going to use these commenst from people to find ways in which I can develop my design and improve it even further.

   To start off with I am going to find a suitable image in which I can use as a background for my magazine. It looks rather plain and after studying it several times I feel that this would really improve my design and make it look more realistic.

    I am definitly going to add more cover stories to my magazine. I think this will help people gain further informtion upon what my issue is about.

    I think I am going to look for a more suitable font for my typography, one of the comments made said to try and make it bolder therefore making it stand out more. I am going to try adding an outter glow and decrease it quite a lot so it is fairly faint around the typo, this way I think it will stand out a lot more.

    I hope to achieve all the comments made above and make a change to my magazine cover to improve it.


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