Vintage inspired photography

My chosen exam question is High Street. So far in my sketch book I have drawn up a mind map with all my first thoughts and ideas to this question, I have also made a mood board including all secondary images collected off the internet that made me think of high street. I have decided to look at the shopping and fashion aspect of the high street. After researching my chosen designers I was really inspired by Eduardo Recifes work. It makes me think of an old aged/vintage sort of style which is something I am really interested in anyway. Here I have gathered some photographs which I found online that relate to the vintage style/theme I am hoping to relate my work to.

Image one

   This image has been taken in very dark tones which straight away makes me think of the 40s/50s style. The models used for this image look very sophisticated. They have been dressed in clothing maybe to resemble a certain era. The lady is wearing a headband with feathers and diamonds which you don’t usually see around the high street nowadays. Her dress is fairly revelaing, I would say that it is very provocative and would really attract male attention. However, she still seems very elegant and lady like which I really like. The male in this image looks a bit of a cheeky chap. He has sneaky expression on his face. He to is dressed very posh with his suit and top hat. The image has clearly been editied, you can see how it looks as if a sepia tone has been applied to the image which gives a very vintage effect to it.

Image two

   This second image has taken a different approach. You can see in this one how the colour has been kept very pale and light which gives off quite a cute and pretty feminine vibe whereas in the first image it was very dark and quite musky which made the whole atmosphere of the image quite mysterious and creepy. I like the location where this image has been taken, she seems to be in a field covered in flowers leaning against this very old fashioned car. The clothing the women is wearing in this image is something else which is completely different to the first image. She seems to be more covered up with a skirt that ends just above her knees which is a huge difference with what the women in this first image is wearing.

Image three

   This is a photograph taken for Vogue In Paris. The location where this has been taken again is probably what drew me to this image. The eiffel tower can just be seen making it’s way though the musky air, and this black sillhouette seems to be walking towards her in the background. The photo has been taken in black and white which really does show the elegance and  femininity of the woman. I like how everything around her is fairly plain and simple then she is just centered in the middle of the image with this amazing outfit and hat on whcih is what really attracts you to the image, you can’t take your eyes of her. Even the shape of her body and the way her head is slightly looking down, everything about it just suggest mystery and curiousity.


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